Is Ecochamp A Scam? The Truth Behind The Energy Saving Device

Is Ecochamp a Scam?

If you have been browsing Facebook lately, you may have come across ads for a device called Ecochamp, which claims to save you up to 60% on your electricity bills by stabilizing the voltage and reducing the current drawn from the main supply.

The ads feature a young man named Nathan Gilroy, who supposedly invented the device after graduating from MIT at a young age. But is Ecochamp a scam or a legit product?

Here are some facts you need to know before you buy.

Is Ecochamp A Scam?Courtesy: WU
Is Ecochamp A Scam?
Courtesy: WU

It is a rebranded version of other devices that have been sold online for years, such as PowerSave, BoldHero, EcoWatt, and OkoWatt. These devices are all based on the same principle of power factor correction, which is supposed to improve the efficiency of electrical appliances and reduce the wastage of energy. However, power factor correction only benefits industrial and commercial users who are charged by their utility companies for both the real power and the reactive power they consume. Residential users are only charged for the real power, so power factor correction devices have no effect on their bills.

  • Ecochamp is not endorsed by MIT or any reputable institution.

The ads claim that Nathan Gilroy graduated from MIT and invented the device as a solution for poor families who struggle with high electricity bills. However, MIT has confirmed that there is no record of anyone with that name having been an enrolled student. Moreover, the video and the images used in the ads are likely to be stolen or manipulated from other sources. The device itself has no patent or certification to prove its validity or safety.

  • Ecochamp is not effective or reliable.

Many customers who have bought the device have reported that it does not work as advertised, and that it has no impact on their electricity bills. Some have even complained that the device overheated, melted, or caused electrical problems in their homes. The device has no warranty or guarantee, and the return policy is very limited and unclear. The customer service is also poor and unresponsive.

Is ecochamp a scam

Ecochamp is a scam that preys on people who are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bills.

The device is not based on sound science, and it does not deliver the results it promises.

The ads are full of false and misleading claims, and the inventor is a fake persona.

The device is also potentially dangerous and could cause fire or electrical hazards.

Therefore, we advise you to avoid buying Ecochamp or any similar products, and to look for other legitimate and proven ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money.

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